Happening Now: Major Terrorist Attack in Moscow

The Countermeasure
2 min readMar 22, 2024

Videos quickly went viral on X depicting gunmen clad in military fatigues entering a concert hall in Moscow.

On March 22, 2023, Russian news agency TASS reported that up to five men, dressed in military fatigues, opened fire in the Crocus City Hall before entering the venue to fire upon concert goers.

TASS also reported that the shooters were armed with “automatic weapons”. The Guardian reported that they also carried with them backpacks, molotov cocktails, and explosives.

Witnesses to the event described hearing the automatic gunfire as well as explosions. Emergency services rushed to the venue to contain the situation and begin providing aid. The Crocus Hall has been set ablaze, as seen in pictures and videos.

One video on X — which I won’t share here — depicted one of the gunmen firing into a huddled group of people in the Crocus lobby.

Many people took to X to point out that only a few days earlier, the American embassy in Russia warned Americans to not go to public gatherings, and listed concerts specifically.

The death toll is not confirmed, but a first estimate by Russian news agency 112 claimed 40 dead and 100 injured.

Neither Russian President Vladimir Putin nor American President Joe Biden have made an official statement.



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